We Build  AI-powered Platforms  For Online Learning

AI-powered Platforms

We develop game-changing Adaptive Learning Solutions that make every individual a contributor to create a high- performance organization

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With Tagler Harbor adaptive learning solutions are always a smarter choice that meets clients expectations. We build Platforms for mobile, Web, SaaS, PaaS and on premises

We create customized or deploy pre-built solutions that save the client’s budget, significantly improve timing and deliver the expected value

AI-powered Platforms

Our Clients:

Business Corporations

Universities & Colleges

Clubs & Communities


Our clients

We believe that learning should be adaptive and have significant measurable impact in the organization

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Approach We Use:


Adaptive Learning

We offer personalized and adaptive online learning solutions to engage learners and achieve better learning results. Personalized and adaptive learning can change learning content or the mode of delivery on the fly and to provide real-time feedback to learners


Micro Learning

Microlearning solutions have proven to change employee behaviors. It helps employees to adapt and reminisce about doing the things that matter most to your business, giving your employees a platform that offers personalized learning experience into the daily workflow


Mobile Learning - On-the-Go

Mobile learning solutions empowers employees with a practical content that boosts knowledge retention and productivity. With our solutions, you can support your workforce with access to on-the-go learning content


Cognitive Learning

We use technology to make learning process more effective. Our solutions make new connections in the brain to store knowledge more effectively and to retrieve it faster. Yes, we are science addicted



We offer a platform to increase learner engagement by rewarding efficiency with incentives. It includes onboarding new members, creating valuable content, creating and joining events, answering questions of others, finishing some tasks


Social Learning & Sharing

Social features are important to help learners test their knowledge, share their expertise with others and take ownership. With our social learning solution, you can engage learners to make online education highly engaging and collaborative

Adaptive learning based on machine learning and artificial intelligence

Benefits Highlighted



increase of productivity



increase of high
performer retention



free up time in class rooms,
traveling and unused content



faster innovation
and project creation



increase in capability





Skilleton is the platform for teaching and learning online

Available as a White Label
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if you build EdTech project on your own:

Your organization should have internal resources not only to build and launch a PLATFORM, but also to scale and maintain it

Your internal team can also adapt your solution to new business models and customer needs

Regular upgrading is a must and takes a lot of time

You pay for the entire development of a PLATFORM

The process of PLATFORM development includes a number of trials and adjustments before getting streamlined

Cost is higher & repetitive according to the future upgrade

A completely efficient solution takes >1year to get basic functional running

Higher risks, challenges, and costs

EdTech project on your own

Buy from us

if you buy EdTech platform from us

We provide a solution that removes the complexities and resource-intensive management elements of developing a digital PLATFORM

We put your brand and company first to align a PLATFORM with your overall strategy

Our digital PLATFORMS are supported by strong technology to succeed

Shorter implementation cycle (50% time reduction)

We offer PLATFORM maintenance routine and redesign solutions if business needs change or are adjusted based on MVP

We build PLATFORMS which are equipped with flexible capabilities for adaptive learning

The solutions are already tested by our company

Lower risks, challenges, and costs

buy EdTech Platform

Build vs Buy:


We build our Platforms based on cutting edge and disruptive technologies. We understand technology as an enabler for creating unique Platforms for online learning

Some Technologies We Are Using


AI-based targeting engine analyzes individual learning process and preferences, and then makes content and learning recommendations based on practice or home work assessment

Big Data & Machine Learning

Machine Learning engine ensures that only the highest quality, most relevant and contextual content is presented on learning Platform for a team or an individual student. ML is also used for Adaptive learning techniques


We deploy blockchain to store, track and use learners' credentials. Blockchain diplomas / certificates / course’ scores allow learners to get fast and convenient access to their records and share this information with potential employers


Immersive education is a key to boost learning efficiency. R+ technology is designed and adapted for a Platform educational environment. This makes a learning process effective and enjoyable

Scalable architecture

Scale up the systems to exceed capacity to meet increased workloads. We ensure our Platforms can handle all the “extra weight”

Cloud based Infrastructure

We use virtual infrastructure that is delivered or accessed via a network or the internet. This is technology that—once architected together—serve as the foundation for operating in a cloud environment

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About Us

We are based in many countries and cities and operate all over the world. We are a team of technology enthusiasts committed to making the world a better place

We help organizations cope with one of the most common risks that businesses face—a lack of employee knowledge that results in a lack of performance. We are focused on bringing the best solutions to organizations

about us

Our Values

We operate globally

We have the power to scale our global operations, while deeply connecting with local communities

We ignite breakthrough ideas

We encourage the best ideas that can come from anywhere. Our task is to make the best ideas real and turn them into new opportunities

We support diversity

We welcome diverse backgrounds, opinions and ideas

We encourage creativity and innovations

We support creativity and nonstandard thinking. Our organization actively supports rapid innovations, the heart of our business

We challenge the status-quo

We are not here to stay content, we are here to do better. Challenging the status quo is inspiring us to make extraordinary products

We celebrate failure

We believe in the power of failure. We don’t seek a villain. We learn from mistakes to avoid them in the future

Products And Services



Corporate Adaptive Learning System

We build solutions support organizations with a set of cohesive tools that increase employee engagement and productivity and are designed to meet the learning needs of each employee. With our strong platforms machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, we detect and eliminate knowledge gaps


Onboarding & Offboarding

We unify and simplify the ever disjointed, often frustrating process of onboarding new hires with a highly personalized, aggregated, and immersive experience


Workflow automation

We use machine learning to automate the redundant and repetitive tasks and simple guides to teach users about technology or process are simple and effective ways to ensure productivity gains are realized


Knowledge and practice sharing

We build streamlining process to increase your organization`s ability to both capture and distribute critical know-how with ease and efficiency


Content Functional Knowledge

A learning marketplace is revolutionary advancement in training functional skills using a platform business model


University Learning Management System

We offer a platform solution powered by advanced algorithms of adaptive learning technologies to boost completion rates and give students confidence


Skilleton White Label

Technical support:

We provide 24/7 technical support, maintenance and consultancy if needed
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