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Our team of LAW, TAX and BUSINESS experts can help you to start or relocate a successful business abroad, reduce your tax, find investors and more.

We’ll develop the most effective strategy for your overseas business, regardless of its size or your experience in the market. You can count on us for the ongoing management of your business operations and finances. We’ll put in all our experience and creativity to help you with strategies and tactics that work best for optimizing your business.

We provide professional services and support founders in:

  • Tax Reduction Strategy
  • Business Startup or Relocation abroad
  • Market Analysis
  • Business Immigration
  • Preparation for Venture Capital
  • Blockchain Legal Services
  • Shareholders / Investors Agreements
  • Due Diligence & Audit
  • Presentation for Investors
  • Business Plan and Pitch
  • M&A
  • Join Ventures
  • Litigation
  • IP registration and licensing
  • Data Protection
  • Private Equity
  • Legal Assistance

Our comprehensive services are designed to help you overcome any barriers or obstacles in your way to achieving your goals in business or life. We are always ready to listen, understand, and interact. You can count on us no matters the obstacles or challenges.

We are here for you

Tagler Harbor
Management Team

Taisia Gerasimova

Taisia Gerasimova

Partner, Sr. Tax Advisor
Experience: > 15 years
Education: University of Manchester (UK)
Tax & Wealth Management
US, Canada, EU
Zarina Maizel

Zarina Maizel

Partner, Sr. Business Advisor
Experience: > 15 years
Education: University of Liverpool (UK)
Startups & Investments
Adam Goode

Adam Goode

Senior Legal Counsel
Experience: >10 years
Education: University of Chicago (US)
General Lawyer
US, Canada, EU
Vasily Averin

Vasily Averin

Senior Legal Advisor
Experience: >15 years
Education: Columbia Law School (US)
Venture Capital
US & Europe, Russia
Liza Eliott

Liza Eliott

Senior Investments Consultant
Experience: 8 years
Education: University of Oxford (UK)
Investment Management
US, Asia, EU
Natasha Kozlova

Natasha Kozlova

Team Lead Legal Services
Experience: 5 years
Education: Swiss International Law School
M&A, Venture Capital
European Countries
Greg Covell

Greg Covell

Senior Team Lead Tax
Experience: 11 years
Education: University of Cumbria
Tax Management
Europe & UK
Mark Lithman

Mark Lithman

Team Lead Startups
Experience > 7 years
Education: University of Law (UK)
Corporate Law
European Countries


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Andorra la Vella, 14, Comella Parc, Andorra
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    Copyright by Tagler Harbor 2021. All rights reserved.